EC (Poland - Austria/Hungary/Czech Republic)

The trains used vary on these EC (EuroCity) routes to/from Poland.

(i) Warszawa - Katowice - Ostrava - Pardubice - Praha/Prague

(ii) Gydnia - Gdasnk - Warszawa - Katowice - Ostrava - Breclav - Wien/Vienna

(iii) Warszawa - Katowice - Ostrava - Breclav - Bratislava - Vic - Budapest

(iv) Karkow - Katowice - Ostrava - Pardubice - Praha/Prague

We have been on a train formed of Hungarian coaches on Budapest to Warszawa journey.

We have seen Warszawa to Prague/Praha trains that comprise a mix of Polish and Czech coaches - and seen a Warszawa to Wien train composed solely of Polish (PKP) coaches.

These trains tend to have a slightly old fashioned sense of style and comfort, with seats that line up with the windows - but can lack modern amenities such as Wi-Fi and electronic info screens etc.

If you're travelling 1st class, then on the Polish part of the journey, you'll be offered complimentary hot/cold drinks and snacks at your seat.

The 'other' rail pass that's valid on many of these trains is the 'European East' pass.

Our general guide to taking EuroCity services

Bistro (Hot Food)
Bar (Cold Food)
Double Deck
High Speed

Rail passes and reservations

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