ALX trains are in effect German Regio (regional*) trains that are operated by a company other than national rail operator DB.

Some ALX train services use double deck coaches, but overall the trains have a somewhat old-fashioned ambience.

This partially stems from some of the coaches used on ALX trains having corridors with seats in compartments.
On these trains the 1st class seats tend to be in compartments.

Tickets for journeys by ALX trains are sold by DB Bahn both online and at stations.
When booking online, the trains are designated ALX.

* These trains aren't normally used on express train routes, but ALX operates the trains in both directions between Munich/Munchen and Praha/Prague - and uses these trains on those services.

These trains don't have the ambience of express trains, and they don't have any on board catering, so take food and drink on board with you.

CD, the rail operator in The Czech Republic, has branded the service between Praha/Prag/Prague and Munchen/Munich as 'The Zapadni Express'.

Bistro (Hot Food)
Bar (Cold Food)
Double Deck
High Speed

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