Sprinter (Netherlands)

Exterior view of a new single deck NS Sprinter train Exterior view of a new single deck NS Sprinter train

Exterior view of a new single deck NS Sprinter train

'Sprinter' is the name that the Dutch rail operator NS uses for its stopping train service.

Different types of train provide the 'Sprinter' train service - the most commonly used type of train is the relatively new single deck train (as shown in the image).

However, some 'Sprinter' services are provided by older trains - some of which are double deck trains.

These older double deck trains tend to be used for services for commuter services into cities OTHER than Amsterdam, Den Haag or Rotterdam.

Sprinter services fall into two broad categories:

(1) Branch line trains in both urban and rural areas.

(2) The stopping trains on the main lines.

This second group of services often share the main lines with the faster Intercity trains.
The Intercity trains will skip most of the stations between cities -  but the Sprinter trains call at every station.

If you're new to travelling by train at The Netherlands, it often isn't obvious when looking at the departure screens at major stations-  that the Intercity trains will be faster than the Sprinter trains (when both trains share a route).

So if you do see a choice of InterCity AND Sprinter trains when travelling between cities, take the Intercity train - you will reach your final destination faster!

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