EC (Berlin - Warszawa Express)

Polish national rail operator PKP has plans to use its very smart ‘Pendolino’ trains, which it uses for its prestigious EIP services, on this route.

However, for the time being these Berlin-Warszawa Express trains have something of a split personality - and that’s because a mix of coaches are used for these trains.

Some are similar to those used on German IC trains, while others are older Polish IC coaches – that are being phased out on other Polish routes.


Some coaches have open plan saloon seats and others have compartments.

The older coaches are looking tired and as a result toilets, light switches, power-sockets and Wi-Fi can be out-of-order.

If your 1st class seat is in one of these older coaches, you’ll wonder why you are paying a premium, compared to those travelling 2nd class in one of the more modern coaches.

Though a minor benefit of being 1st class is the complimentary drink and snacks for the Polish part of the journey.
(Though they pale in comparison to the complimentary light meals served on the EIP trains).

Also the free Wi-Fi is seemingly a lot more reliable in Germany.

So not the smartest of European train services, and they can also be very crowded - particularly in both directions between Warszawa and Poznan.


Seats will automatically be assigned when booking tickets for journeys by these trains.

Rail pass users will need to have made reservations prior to boarding - see below for charges.

Avoid booking reservations last minute at the station, particularly if you will be travelling on a Friday or Sunday - seats can sell out in advance.

They can be purchased online or at the station, at a Reisezentrum ticket desk.


Because the reservable seats can sell out in advance on these trains, many travellers head to the restaurant car as soon as they board.
A lively atmosphere results from the need to constantly order drinks and snacks, in order to retain a seat at the tables.

If you can speak Polish and enjoy a card game then your journey will fly by, but otherwise don’t rely on having a meal during your trip on the busier departures - though the meals in the restaurant car are reasonably priced.
If you do want to have a meal head to the restaurant as soon as you have claimed your seat(s).

Something else to be aware of is that the coach, in which the restaurant car is located is divided, a third of the space is used for seats at which meals aren’t served.
If possible avoid these seats if you want a quiet trip, you won’t be particularly shielded from the chatter in the restaurant seats.

Also the patrons of the restaurant car will be walking passed these seats to access the toilet - and those that haven’t lucked out on finding a seat in the restaurant car, also tend to sit on the floor or stand in this part of the coach.

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