Oresundstag (Denmark <> Sweden)

Externally similar to Danish IC3 trains, these Øresundståg trains are used for nearly* all of the passenger train services that cross the Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark.

All of the 3 x trains per hour follow this route (in each direction):

Helsingor -  Østerport (Copenhagen) - Norreport (Copenhagen) - København H (Copenhagen) - Kastrup Airport - Lund

Between Lund and other destinations in southern Sweden, these trains follow one of three routes

(i) Lund - Helsingborg - Goteborg
(ii) Lund - Alvesta - Kalmar
(iii) Lund - Kristianstad - Karlskrona

The 1st class seating is at the ends of each 3 coach train - look for the double yellow bands above the windows.

These trains are being modernised, one welcome addition is a dedicated luggage space in each central car - look for the luggage symbols on the outside of the trains.

Two or three trains are usually joined together to form 6 or 9 coach/car trains.

*The exceptions are the direct Snabtag trains between Stockholm and Copenhagen/Kopenhamn/Kobenhavn.

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