Traverso (Switzerland)

These trains are operated by a company named SOB and not by the Swiss national rail operator, SBB.

However the general means of how Swiss train tickets are sold also applies to journeys by these trains.
Though seat reservations, which are available, but optional on these trains, can apparently only be booked on the SOB website (use Google Translate if need be).

Unless you will be departing from Basel and Zurich during the evening business rush, it's unlikely that you will have difficulty finding seats available.
The 'Treno Gottardo' route take by these Traverso trains is beautiful, but the trains aren't exceptionally busy, particularly during the times of day, when the stunning scenery can be best appreciated.

These are brand new, state of the art trains, among the features that will be welcomed by travellers are:
- at seat power sockets (EU and Swiss plugs)
- accessible toilets
- bike racks
- low doors for easy boarding
Bistro (Hot Food)
Bar (Cold Food)
Double Deck
High Speed

Rail passes and reservations

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Other features

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