ScotRail 385 (UK)

These comparatively new trains are used by ScotRail on its recently electrified routes.

The version of these trains used on the fast Edinburgh <> Glasgow services via Falkirk have wi-fi and First Class seating.
On this route two 4 coach trains are usually joined together to provide more than 540 seats on each departure.

On all versions of these trains, the seats in Standard Class are arranged in a typical configuration of 2+2 seating across the aisle, which is more common for express trains, they don’t have the 2+3 seating which is more typical on shorter distance commuter routes.

Also, for a British train, a comparatively high percentage of the accommodation in Standard Class is at table seats.
All but two seats in First Class are table seats.

Pairs of seats in Standard Class share power sockets, but every First Class seat has a power socket available.

Non-folding bicycles should only be stored in the assigned spaces, but these cannot be reserved, so the conductor may prevent cycles being taken on exceptionally busy trains.

No on-board catering facilities are available, but these trains are used on comparatively short distance routes

Bistro (Hot Food)
Bar (Cold Food)
Double Deck
High Speed
First Class
Second Class

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