LNWR Desiro (UK)

London North Western Railway uses these Desiro trains on these routes:

(1) London Euston <> Northampton
(2) London Euston <> Liverpool via Northampton, Coventry, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Crewe and Runcorn
(3) London Euston <> Crewe via Tamworth and Litchfield

These trains share the West Coast main line between London and Liverpool with Pendolino trains operated by Virgin.

These Desiro trains are slower than those Pendolino trains because they have a top speed of 100 km/h and don't tilt when taking the curves in the railway track.

These trains have no catering facilities available, but they are equipped with Wi-Fi.

Boarding and Seat Reservations:

When booking longer-distance journeys by these trains online, you will be assigned a specific seat(s).
However, on board the seat reservations aren't marked, so a fellow traveller may have unwittingly occupied your 'reserved' seats.

If that has occurred you can show them your reservation and ask them to remove themselves from the seat(s), or you can seek out the conductor and ask them to intervene on your behalf.

Or if alternative seats are free, you can occupy them, as you don't need to travel in the seat(s) you have been assigned for your ticket to be valid.

Assisted Travel:

The information for Assisted Travel for those who require it on these trains is available here.
Bistro (Hot Food)
Bar (Cold Food)
Double Deck
High Speed
First Class
Second Class

Rail passes and reservations

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Other features

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