Intercity (Spain)

These InterCity services (which were formally branded Altaria) trains operate on both directions on these routes

(i) Madrid - Ronda - Algeciras
(ii) Madrid - Albacete - Murica - Cartegana

In effect they are Talgo trains which are propelled by locomotives on the high speed lines south of Madrid and then switch to conventional tracks to complete their journeys.

The coaches are shorter than typically used on other European express train services, which make for a pleasant on-board ambience.

The seats all face in the same direction in each coach/car - the seats should be rotated so that they all face the direction of travel.
They also seem low prior to boarding, but once you're on board the seating saloons are spacious.

If you will be travelling long distance by these trains then taking food on board with you is recommended, the only catering on board is from a somewhat basic bar car.
Also note that these trains aren't equipped with Wi-fi or power sockets.

Only folded bicycles can be taken on board IC trains as hand luggage, but they must be placed in a travel case, or bag which can have a maximum height/width of 180cm.

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