RE (Switzerland)

Regional Express (RE) is a term used by Swiss national rail operator SBB for its mid and longer distance stopping* train services.

These RE services are a mid-point between local trains, including the S-Bahn services in cities, and the faster IR (InterRegio) services.

*At the city end of their routes, these RE tend to skip some stations that the local-S-Bahn trains call at.

An anomaly of train travel in Switzerland is that more modern trains are used for these RE services, than are used for many of the faster IR or express IC services.

Though the trains used for the RE services don't have any catering facilities or Wi-fi portals and most don't have power sockets.

On most of the trains used for RE services the difference in ambience between 1st and 2nd class isn't particularly stark.
However, as the RE services are popular with commuters, a plus of booking 1st class is the much greater likelihood of seats being available at rush hours.

Single deck trains are usually used on these RE routes:

(1) Erstfeld -Ariola -  Bellinzona - Lugano - (Milano)

(2) Geneve - Lausanne - Vevey

(3) Chur - Buchs - St Margethen - St Gallen - Will - (Zurich, double-deck trains are usually used on this route on services which depart from/arrive at Zurich)

Double deck trains are usually used on these routes from Zurich:
- to Schaffhausen via Bulach
- to Aarau
- to Chur** (calling at the stations skipped by the IC services)

And on these routes from Bern:
- to Biel/Bienne
- to Olten via Burgdorf

**On this route modified versions of the brand new Twindexx trains are being introduced.
The coaches are the same as when these trains are used on IC services, so these trains do have power-sockets.
The key difference with the trains used for RE services is that they don't convey the restaurant cars.

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