Regiontog (Norway)

If you will be taking a journey by these Norwegian Regiontog trains our guide will tell you the key things you need to know, from booking and using tickets, to making the most of the journey experience.

Norway's national rail operator NSB uses the branding 'Regiontog' for its long distance train services from and to Oslo.



The trains:

There are two distinct types of train used for Regiontog services in Norway.

(1) Trains with coaches pulled by a locomotive - and these trains are used on the route between Oslo and Bergen.

These trains typically have 10 - 12 coaches.

These trains have a bar/bistro counter and a restaurant car and an entire coach set aside for families with small children, which is in effect a travelling playground.

(2) Trains with driving cabs at each end.

These trains provide the bulk of the services on the routes between Oslo and both Trondheim and Stavanger - as well as the direct trains between Oslo and Goteborg.

These trains have 4 coaches, but two trains can be joined together for certain departures.
These trains have vending machines instead of a bar/bistro counter and no parent and child coaches.

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Komfort (1st class):

What both types of train used for Regiontog services have in common is that they’re the only trains in Norway that offer ‘Komfort’ class in addition to standard class.

Komfort is the Norwegian equivalent of first class (the doors on Komfort class coaches have a ‘1’ on them)

It’s worth considering Komfort class, as the seats in standard class can feel cramped in comparison to typical European long distance trains.

Komfort class passengers are also provided with complimentary hot and cold drinks.

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On Board:

Regiontog trains have conductors who speak excellent English who regularly pass through the train to check tickets and answer questions – all on board announcements are also made in English.

The Wi-Fi can be temperamental on the Oslo - Bergen route, but you'll want to spend most of this journey gazing out of the windows.

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Seat Reservations:

When booking tickets for journeys by Regiontog trains, either online or at stations, seats will be assigned – an advantage of booking online is that you can choose seats.

If when boarding, you aren’t happy with the seat you have been allocated (some seats don’t line up particularly well with the windows), you can ask the conductor what other seat(s) you can move to.

There are no indications on board for whether a seat has been reserved or not, hence why you at least initially have to sit in the seat you have been allocated.

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Using Rail Passes:

1st class Rail pass users:

Don't have to pay reservation fees* to travel on any daytime train managed by national rail operator NSB.

Reservations are required on the Oslo - Bergen route, but they're free! They can be arranged by calling the NSB international booking service on +4761051910.

If you have a 1st class pass, make this clear when calling to make reservations in 'Komfort' class -  in order to avoid being charged any fees.

2nd class Rail pass users:

Reservations are required on the Oslo - Bergen route 

On other routes by Regiontog trains - reservation are optional,

If you want to travel in 2nd class, they cost around the equivalent of €6

2ns class users can opt to pay a more expensive fee of the equivalent around €11 to travel in 'Komfort' class =  1st class on Regiontog trains.

They can arranged by calling the NSB international booking service on +4761051910.

If you haven’t reserved you need to check with the conductor, which seats are available before occupying a seat.

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