Zaragoza-Delicias (Zaragoza)

This guide to using Zaragoza-Delicias station provides insights into what to look out for when departing and arriving in Zaragoza by train.


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Zaragoza-Delicias, in common with many other stations purpose-built to be served by high speed trains, is an architectural wonder, but from a passenger perspective, it can be confusing.
In effect the station has three sets of entrances / exits and using the most appropriate of these can eliminate much about what can be perplexing about navigating the station and its surroundings.
Though the relative lack of signage at the station doesn't make this clear.

Also despite the vias (tracks / platforms) at the station being at ground /street level, there are two sets of bridges above the trains and a passage below them, which provide the routes between the trains and each of the entrances / exits.

There is an upper level one-way road, which in effect surrounds the station, and this road is used by the local buses and taxis - so the bridges provide the access between the vias (tracks / platforms) and both the taxi ranks and the local buses.
The ground level street, which can be seen to the north of the station, is used by regional and longer-distance buses travelling to and from the city's main bus station, which in effect shares the building with the railway station.
This ground level street does not provide access to the city.

The three sets of entrances /exits in Zaragoza-Delicias station, in effect are

  1. The arrival hall
  2. The departure hall
  3. The access with the bus station.

The arrival hall
This is closer to the rear of the trains which arrive from Madrid - and is by the front of trains arriving from Barcelona.
Escalators, behind which can be found elevators for use by travellers who require mobility assistance, - lead up to this hall from each of the vias (tracks / platforms).
The arrival hall houses the station's tourist information office, which is well sign-posted - so following the signs which point towards it will take you in the right direction.
The car hire desks at Zaragoza-Delicias are also logically located here, and outside its exits are the taxi rank and the most easily found bus stop for the local buses - Zaragoza doesn't have a metro and its tram route/line also doesn't serve the station.

The departure hall

This is closer to the front of the trains which arrive from Madrid and is by the rear of trains arriving from Barcelona.
As far as ShowMeTheJourney can tell, the main travel /info desks for the AVE trains, at which rail pass users can make reservations etc are logically found on this concourse.
There are also seating areas in which to wait for departure, by the sloping travellators, which lead down to each set of vias (tracks / platforms) - elevators are also available for those requiring mobility assistance.
Pre-boarding security checks are carried out at the top of the travellators, so queues can form for each departure.

Purchase any food /drink etc prior to descending to the vias, as they don't have any vending machines etc.
The vias (tracks / platforms) are divided into A and B sections, because the MD and local Cercanias trains won't use the full length of them.
However, a strong contender for the most frustrating aspect of using Zaragoza-Delicias is that the vias aren't zoned - so there is no info on the via (track / platform) to show where to wait for easy boarding into a coach in which a reserved seat will be located.

The taxi drop off zone is logically by the entrance to this departure hall.
Though the local buses will make three stops at the station, the third of which is by the entrance to this arrival hall.

Transferring to and from the bus station

This is accessed by a passage way under the tracks which can be accessed by stairs and a sloping walkway on each via /track.
Though if you want to take a bus to the city centre, don't head to the bus station.
If you need to change trains at Zaragoza--Delicias, including in and out of the local Cercanias trains, using this passage way is the shortest route.
When arriving at the bus station the access to this passage is by an escalator, on what looks like a via (platform / track), but it isn't used by trains.
There are also ticket desks here so if you use them, taking the passage way under the tracks is then a shorter route to the trains, than using the departure hall.

To the city centre

Zaragoza-Delicias is on the northern outskirts of the city, so the station is some distance from the Zaragoza's most visited attractions.

Of the three local bus routes which serve Zaragoza-Delicias, bus line /route 34 gets closest to the city centre.
It typically departs every 6 to 10 mins from a stop, which is on the street outside the Arrivals hall, on the other side of the road used by the taxis.
It's closest stop to the heart of the city, is on the edge of the old town, by the Mercado Central, indoor market.

Back to the station

Bus line / route 34 goes from the stop named Conde de Aranda Nº2 / Colegio - the 34 should be heading to Estacion Delicias, but don't board the 33, which will be going to 'Delicias'.
The bus will make three stops at the station and the third of these is by the departure hall - where a footbridge snakes down between the bus stop and the station, which you will then see on the other side of the taxi drop off area.


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