Madrid Principe Pio (Madrid)

Principe-Pio was once the main station in the Spanish capital for trains heading to northern Spain, but that role has now been taken over Madrid-Charmatin.
Today the primary function of the modernised and rather smart station is offering an interchange between Madrid metro and Cercanias (local commuter train) services.
However, the older non high-speed route route which headed north from Madrid passed through Avila and Salamanca so the trains to these two cities still depart from Principe-Pio


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Connecting to and from Principe-Pio station

By Metro

Principe-Pio is served by line 6 and line 10 of the Madrid Metro.
Though neither line serves the heart of the Spanish capital, the Puerta del Sol.
To head in this direction, the best option is to take the unique Ramal line, for a one station hop to Opera.

to/from Atocha station:

There is no direct Metro line between Principe-Pio and Atocha station, so the best option is to take the Cercanias trains.
Trains on lines C1 and C10 heading to and from Aeropuerto link Principe-Pio with Atocha with 4 - 8 trains per hour available.

Escalators and elevators are available when accessing the Cercanias trains at both stations.

to/from Chamartin station

Both Metro line 10 and Cercanias line C7 link Principe Pio with Chamartin station though as the Metro is more frequent it is the better option and the journey time will be around 15 minutes.


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