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Perugia (Perugia)

Our guide to arriving in Perugia by train includes the details of how to travel on to the city centre.


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The mini-metro entering Fontivegge station pictured from the platforms/binari at Perugia station The mini-metro entering Fontivegge station pictured from the platforms/binari at Perugia station
A close up view of a Mini-Metro shuttle A close up view of a Mini-Metro shuttle

When taking a train to or from Perugia looking up the times on the Trenitalia website is highly recommended, even if you don't want to book tickets online.

The city is located off the main north <> south in Italy, so it has a comparatively sparse service of trains - though heading to and from Perugia by train, is still a great means of travelling to and from the city.

Arriving in Perugia by train:

There are few locations in Europe in which what you see when stepping out of a station, so completely fails to live up to expectations, but don’t let that stop you from going to Perugia by train.

Perugia train station is on the southern edge of the city centre and the stunningly beautiful historic heart of the city, is completely out of sight at the top of the hill.
Hence the view from the station being dominated by cars racing down a multi-lane road.

The relatively long distance between Perugia station and the historic city centre results in a taxi being a popular option, but there is a much more uniquely fabulous, but less obvious, means of travelling between Perugia station and Perugia old town.

Taking the Mini-Metro to the city centre:

If you'll be heading to the city centre, when you’re on binario (track/platform) 1 at Perugia station, instead of entering the grand station building, turn to the left and head towards the Perugia Mini-Metro.

From binario 1 a series of gentle, step-free slopes, ideal for wheeling luggage, lead up to 'Fontivegge' mini-metro station.
Despite being less than a 3 min walk from Perugia station, the interchange with Fontivegge mini-metro station isn’t particularly obvious.

Once you’re at Fontivegge mini-metro station, there are easy to understand ticket machines and stairs and lifts up to the platforms.

The Mini-Metro is a system of people movers (like something from The Jetsons) and they depart every 1 - 2 minutes.
For the city centre, you need to take a people mover heading towards Pincetto.

At Pincetto station (the final stop) there are escalators and lifts that lead up to an exit on Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, which is in the historic centre of Perugia - a 2 min walk from the Piazza IV Novembre, at the heart of the city.

Perugia Ponte San Giovanni station:

If you’re heading to Perugia on a train from a destination to the south, including Assisi, Foligno or Rome, then Perugia Ponte San Giovanni is the first station in Perugia that your train will call at.

Take care NOT to leave the train here if you are heading to Perugia city centre, this other station is some distance from Perugia, so remain on the train.
The main station in the city is simply called ‘Perugia’


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