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Guide to Portsmouth Harbour station

Portsmouth Harbour (for the Isle Of Wight) (Portsmouth)

Portsmouth Harbour station lives up to its name with a waterfront location, if the trains arriving there didn’t hit the brakes they’d end up in the sea.


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Terminus Station
The station concourse by the front of the train has access to the Wight Link ferries
This passage way at the end of the station leads go the Isle of Wight ferries This passage way at the end of the station leads go the Isle of Wight ferries
The footbridge is a shortest routes between the trains and the exit / entrance The footbridge is a shortest routes between the trains and the exit / entrance

Because Portsmouth Harbour is a terminus station, there is step-free access to the WightLink ferries, which head off over The Solent to Ryde on the utterly charming Isle Of Wight.
Though a sloped ramp at the far end of the station, by the front of arriving trains, is the only link between the station and the terminal which the ferries depart from.

If you won’t be taking the ferry to and from the Isle Of Wight you will be using the main entrance at the station, which is to one side of the building and is located along platform 1.
If your train is using platforms (tracks) 3 – 5, the quickest access to and from this main building is to use the stairs up to the bridge which spans the middle of the station.

However, if you would rather avoid the stairs, you can transfer between the building and the trains by using the concourse at the coastal end of the platform – go straight ahead when arriving by train, or tum right on platform 1 when departing by train.
The doors at the main entrance to the station can be accessed by a short flight of steps and a gentle slope.

The Historic Dockyard (home of the Mary Rose and HMS Victory) is within a five minute walk of Portsmouth Harbour station, its entrance gate is on the other side of the bus interchange.
Also just outside the station is the pier for the ferry over to Gosport.

The Spinnaker Tower is adjacent to the station, but it is located on the waterfront on the opposite side of the station to its exit/entrance.
So to access it turn right on leaving the station, and then right again on the corner of the main road.
Then over to the right you will see steps leading down to an entrance to the Gunwharf Quays mall, the tower is at the far end of the mall.

Onward connections to the Isle of Wight:

There is step-free access from the ferry to the Island Line trains There is step-free access from the ferry to the Island Line trains
The ferry arrives in Ryde by the station on the pier The ferry arrives in Ryde by the station on the pier

The WightLink ferry will arrive at Ryde Pier and there is step-free access to the station at the end of the pier served by the Island Line Trains on to the seaside resorts of Sandown and Shanklin.
The Island Line trains also call at Smallbrook Junction station where a connection is available to the delightful Isle Of Wight Steam railway.

The Island Line trains also call at Ryde Esplanade station which is closer to the town centre; and hopping on the train avoids having to walk down the narrow road on the pier which is taken by the taxis, which also meet the ferries.
The bus station in Ryde is right outside the entrance to Ryde Esplanade station, route/line 4 goes to Osborne House, route/line 8 goes to Bembridge and route/line 9 goes to Newport.

The hovercraft service from Portsmouth also arrives by Ryde Esplanade station, but it departs from Clarence Pier, which is some distance from either of the stations in Portsmouth.
So if you will be taking the train to Portsmouth, travelling on to the Isle Of Wight by ferry is the fastest option, but if you want to experience the thrill of the Hovercraft ride, bus lines X4 and 8 and 16, link Portsmouth Harbour station to Clarence Pier.

Train service summary:

Train Operating Company:


South Western Railway

(1) London Waterloo via Guildford (fastest link to London)
(2) London Waterloo via Winchester and Basingstoke
(3) local trains to Southampton


(1) London Victoria via Chichester, Gatwick Airport and East Croydon
(2) Brighton via Chichester and Worthing


Cardiff via Southampton, Salisbury, Bath, Bristol and Newport



Portsmouth & Southsea station:

When taking a train to Portsmouth Harbour, the train will call at Portsmouth & Southsea station, which is located in the city centre – right by The Guildhall and main shopping area.
So if you’re heading to the harbour, take care not to leave the train here.

However, if you’re heading to the international ferry port, then do leave the train at Portsmouth & Southsea station.
You can either reach the port by taxi, or by taking bus routes/lines X4 or 8 from the stops on Commercial Street; to access them, turn right on exiting the station and then walk straight ahead.


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