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Holyhead (Holyhead (for ferries to Dublin))

The primary function of the railway station in Holyhead is to facilitate the interchange between trains and the ferries which operate to and from Dublin.


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Holyhead station has an unusual V-shaped layout because the ferries to and from Ireland once used two separate quaysides, so the tracks split south of the station, and serve platform 1 on the western quay; and platforms 2 and 3 which are on the eastern quay.
Platforms 2 and 3 are also under the ornate roof - the image at the top of the page is of a train arriving at platform 2.

The main part of the station is at the ends of platforms 2 and 3, the trains terminate at these platforms.
Hence there is a concourse at the far end of these platforms, beyond the front of arriving trains, which links them to a building that has a dual function - as it is also the pedestrian terminal for the ferries.
Note that shuttle buses connect the terminal building with the ferry piers

There are both stairs and a step-free ramp between the concourse and this building.
This building houses a left luggage office, a cafe and ticket booking desks for the trains and the ferries.

This concourse at the ends of platforms 2 and 3 also has access to a taxi rank - and on the left, the newer footbridge across the inner harbour - which now provides the step-free access to and from the heart of the town centre.

Platform 1

Platform 1 on the left and the former footbridge link with the town centre Platform 1 on the left and the former footbridge link with the town centre

The ferries to and from Ireland no longer use the western quayside, which has resulted in platform / track 1 being separated from what is now the main part of the station.
However, because of its longer length it is often used by the Avanti West Coast trains from and to London.

However, the access between platform 1 and the concourse - which gives access to and from the ferries, ticket booking, the taxi rank and the other station facilities, is to walk the full length of platform 2.
Though when heading from platform 1 to and from the town, the quickest route is to use a path at the northern end of the platform, which links it with the footbridge access to the centre - so on arrival, this path is beyond the front of the trains.


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