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About the station

Aberystwyth station used to handle many more trains than it now does, but unlike many British stations which have had their services cut back since their heyday, this station hasn’t been replaced by a ‘better than nothing’ alternative.

Instead as much as possible of its beautiful Victorian architecture has been retained along with the main station building, which was constructed in the 1920s.
It now houses a bar instead of the ticket hall and waiting rooms, but it was the recipient of a National Heritage Award for the sympathetic re-use of an existing building.

The station also has an easy to access location in the heart of Aberystwyth, the sea front is less than a 10 min walk away, go straight ahead from what was the main station building on Terrace Road.

The town’s bus station is also in front of the former main station building, to the right of the current station, so it’s steps away from the trains.
More than 50 years after the railway between Aberystwyth and Carmarthen closed, the bus route/line T1 still links these towns – plugging the much-missed gap in the Welsh rail network.


However, the main station isn’t the only one to be found in Aberystwyth, as the beautiful Vale of Rheidol steam railway commences in the town.

As you arrive in Aberystwyth by train, you’ll see its separate station over on the left.
To access it from the main station, use the exits on the left which lead to the taxi rank.
Turn left and head back in the direction the train will have come from.
You can then walk along the footpath to access the Vale of Rheidol trains.

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