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By the time the world’s first city to city railway was constructed, central Manchester was already a built up area, so similarly to London, the city centre, is ringed with multiple stations.
The other main station in the city is Manchester Piccadilly and many trains to and from Piccadilly also call at Oxford Road station.

Manchester Victoria was the northern most of these multiple stations in Manchester, so it’s closest to the attractions on that edge of the city centre including the National Football Museum and The Corn Exchange.
The Manchester Arena was built on and around part of Victoria station.



Many trains from Manchester call at multiple stations in the city, but if you’ll be heading to some destinations in Yorkshire including Bradford, Halifax and Scarborough, you will need to take a train from Victoria station as it is the only station in the city which has trains to those towns – a legacy of it being opened by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.

You will also have a wider choice of trains from Manchester Victoria when travelling to Leeds, Huddersfield, York and Newcastle.
Though if you haven’t reserved seats, be aware that two of the trains per hour which head to Leeds, Huddersfield and York, will have called first at Oxford Road and Piccadilly stations – so spare seats can be harder to find when boarding at Victoria.

Manchester Victoria also has the fastest trains from the city to Liverpool and boarding those trains at Victoria is less awkward than at Oxford Road and Piccadilly stations – at Victoria station they usually depart from platform (track) 3, which is right beside the main concourse.

Trains to many destinations to the south of Manchester including Birmingham, Bristol, Exeter, Oxford, Southampton and London only depart from Piccadilly station.

Though a quirk of how the trains to and from Manchester are managed is that many destinations to the north and west are only served by trains which call at the other stations to the south of the city centre, including Oxford Road and Piccadilly.
So the towns and cities now not served by direct trains from Manchester Victoria station  include Blackpool, Carlisle, Glasgow, Grange Over Sands, Lancaster, Llandudno, Oxenholme, Penrith and Rhyl.
Not that long ago all of these places were served by trains from Manchester Victoria 

If you will be heading to one of those destinations not served from this station and the starting point of your journey is in the area around Manchester Victoria, the easiest option is take a tram across the city centre to Piccadilly station.


Connecting to the trams:

Manchester Victoria now houses an impressive easy to use, step-free transfer between the trains and the trams.
Though the ticket counters on the concourse at Victoria station don't sell tram tickets, they can be purchased from the machines at the tram stops.

Also taking the tram is recommended for most end-to-end journeys which involve a transfer between Victoria and Piccadilly stations, particularly if you’ll be taking train from or to Piccadilly, which departs from or arrives at the main concourse at that station.
This includes the trains from and to Birmingham, Bristol, Exeter, Oxford, Southampton and London.
Though if you will be connecting to and from some other destinations including Sheffield and Nottingham, you’ll have an easier transfer if you take one of the two trains per hour between Victoria and Piccadilly stations.


To Manchester Airport:

A relatively new development is that Manchester Victoria station now has two direct trains per hour to Manchester Airport.
This is a less frequent service than what’s available when heading to the airport from Oxford Road or Piccadilly stations, but boarding these trains to the airport at Victoria is more straightforward than at those stations.

The journey time by train is scheduled to be 34 minutes, which is faster than the direct trams, as they take 57mins to reach the airport.
The 'Navy' line of the Metrolink tram system goes direct to the airport from Victoria every 12 minutes.


Taking a train to Manchester:

When travelling to the city centre by train from a destination to the north of Manchester, if there’s a choice of routes between trains calling at Victoria or Piccadilly don’t assume that because Piccadilly is considered to be the main station in the city, that you should choose to head there in preference to Victoria.

Not only is Victoria station closer to many parts of the city centre, the trains to Piccadilly from multiple towns and cities including, Bolton, Chester, Liverpool, Southport and York arrive at a part of that station which is awkwardly sited, at its furthest point away from the city.

If you’ll be taking a train which calls first at Victoria station, before going on to Oxford Road and Piccadilly stations, check the location of your final destination – it’s highly likely that you’ll have a faster and easier end-to-end journey if you leave the train at Manchester Victoria.

If you hop on a tram, you can be on the other side of the city centre before a train has even arrived at those other stations.

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