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In Canterbury a legacy of the competing companies which constructed Britain’s railways back in the mid 19th century is that the city has two stations.

The other station, Canterbury West, is more conveniently located for the town centre, but the trains between Canterbury and Dover, the Medway Towns and Victoria station in London, depart from and arrive at Canterbury East.

At Canterbury West the trains heading to Dover from London arrive at platform (track) 2, which is directly beside the main station building, on the side of the station closest to the city centre.

The trains heading towards London leave from platform (track 1), but the only means of reaching it from the main entrance is to use the subway beneath the railway line, but it can only be accessed by stairs.

However, there is an alternative, which is to use the secondary entrance to the station, which is on platform 1.
So if you'll be taking a taxi to the station and don't need to buy a ticket, you could ask the driver to drop you by this entrance, which is on Gordon Road.
Though this entrance is hidden out of sight at the end of a footpath.


If you will heading for Canterbury cathedral, the walking route is only around 5 minutes longer than from Canterbury West station, though the route from that station is a more obvious one to follow.
That’s partially because a busy ring-road now separates Canterbury East station from the city centre, so the walking route involves heading straight ahead from the station exit on to footpath, which uses a bridge to span that road.

The path on the other side bridge leads to the top of the ancient city walls, which on a sunny day can be very picturesque and rather charming, but after dark this is a quiet spot, as a park is between the walls and the streets that lead into the city.
Also the only routes down from the top of the city wall involves stairs or steep path ways.

The easiest route to follow when heading to the cathedral from Canterbury East station is to turn right when you’re on the city wall and remain on the footpath until it comes to an end, on the other side of the bus station.
Turn left on St Georges street, which is one of the city’s main shopping streets and then after around 5 – 10mins, on the right you’ll come to Mercenary Lane which leads to the cathedral.
All together the walk from the station will take 15 – 25 minutes.
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