La Spezia Centrale

La Spezia (for Cinque Terre), (Italy)

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About the station

La Spezia Centrale train station occupies an elevated position above the city.

Accessing the City Centre:

It has a road way that leads down towards the town, which is used by taxis.

If you turn to the left when exiting the station, you can follow this road down to a small roundabout.
On the other side of the roundabout is a street named Via Fume, and this is the route on foot, to the heart of the city and port area.

However, La Spezia Centrale is at the opposite end of the city centre to the port area - so on foot you need to allow 15-25 mins to make the journey.

Bus lines 6 and 13 (and maybe others) link the station and the port area.
The buses stop on the part of the road, Via Fume, which runs parallel to the front of the station.

However, you need to descend to the lower level of the station concourse (there are steps and lifts) to access this part of Via Fume.
When you exit on to the street from the passage way, which leads from the subway beneath the platforms, the bus stop is to the left.
When arriving by train do not ascend into the main station building in order to access via Fume.

Accessing the Station:

When heading to the station from the city, you don't have to walk up the steep station approach road.
Carry on along Via Fume and to the right will be a wall that separates the road from the station - the passage way to the station has been knocked through this wall.
If you use this Via Fume entrance, you can use the lifts to access the main station building if you want to buy a ticket.

Lifts (if they're working) also link the platforms/binario to this passage way that runs beneath the tracks

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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