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About the station

Malmo C is a train station of two parts connected by a main concourse.

Spars/Platforms 1-7 are in the old station, under the lovely arching roof, but a newer part of the station underground houses spars/tracks/plaforms 1a – 4a and 1b-4b.
Note that spar 1 is different to spar 1a etc.

These underground spar/platforms are used by most local/commuter trains, the Öresundståg trains to Denmark and some of the Snabbtag trains from Malmo to Goteborg and Stockholm.

If you’re heading to Copenhagen, then be aware that the Swedish names of the destinations in Denmark are used on the departure screens so Copenhagen = Kopenhamn.

The Öresundståg trains that call at Copenhagen/Kopenhamn have Helsingor as a final destination (if you’re heading to Helsingborg don’t confuse the two).

Allow a bit of extra time* to access spars/tracks 1a – 4a and 1b – 4b, particularly if you have luggage and want to use the lifts.
When arriving at these platforms by train, you don’t have to use the escalators to head up to the exits, but the lifts (hiss) may be further along – behind the escalators.

If your train is departing from a lower level platform be aware that they are long platforms, divided into 1a and 1b and your train will specifically be departing from 1a etc.

Also these platforms aren’t zoned, so if you are taking a Snabbtag train from the lower level, work out that you are on 1a or 2a etc – and then wait in the middle of the platform.
You may have to make a dash for it to board directly into the coach in which your reserved seat is located.
If need be, board by the nearest door and then walk through the train to find your seat.

*On a recent journey from Malmo, the departure screens showed that the Snabbtag train from a Copenhagen to Stockholm, departing from a lower level platform, was running 15 mins late.
Then while queueing to get a coffee, it was announced that the train was running on time after all, so would be arriving for boarding in the next two minutes.
The coffee purchase had to be abandoned and we had to make a dash for it down the escalators with suitcases – so avoid this scenario if possible.

Though generally Malmo C is a joy to use, the multi-lingual signage is particularly excellent.

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Comfort Hotel Malmo (personally recommended)

4 stars:

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If you're following a rail pass itinerary that takes in Copenhagen, it can be worth considering staying in Malmo.
Not only is there a better choice of quality budget hotels within a few mins walk of Malmo C station, compared to hotels within walking distance of København H station, you'll typically save the equivalent of €30-40 per night in comparison to staying in Copenhagen.

Use your rail pass to hop between Malmo and Copenhagen by train,

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