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About the station

This guide to using Chur station points out what to look out for if you will be changing trains in Chur, connecting to the ski resorts, or heading to the city centre.

The main access to/from the trains at Chur train station is typical of many major Swiss stations.
A wide passage way runs beneath the railway lines and both slopes and stairs link the gleis (platforms/tracks) - where most the trains arrive/depart, with this passage way.
Note that you don’t have to use the stairs to access the passage way, there will be a slope/ramp providing step free access, but you may have to walk passed the stairs to find it.

However, there are no lifts or escalators, which link THIS* passage to the gleis (platforms/tracks).
*Though there is alternative access by lift/escalator to/from the street through the Post Bus station – see the info below.

At the end of this passage way is the main ticket office, the SBB Reisezentrum.
At Chur this SBB ticket and reservations office also sells tickets for the RhB trains.
Note that if you will be taking a train from Chur, that the main ticket office is at this lower level.

By the ticket office are escalators, lifts and stairs that link the passage way to Chur station’s main entrance/exit at street level.
Although if you are heading to/from the town centre or taxi rank, avoid heading up to the main hall, instead use the escalators, farther ahead at the far end of the passage way.

Alternative Access to the trains by escalator/lift:

There are escalators and lifts that connect the platforms/tracks/gleis in the main station to the Post-Bus terminal which is located above the train station.
When arriving by train from destinations to the north including Buchs and Zurich, these escalators/lifts will be towards the front of the train.

This Post-Bus terminal also has lifts and escalators that connect it to the street below.

So if you want/need to use the escalators or lifts, then accessing the trains/street via the Post-Bus terminal is an alternative to using the main passage way at the station.
Though this street entrance from the Post-Bus terminal is around the corner from the train station - so using the passage beneath the tracks is a more direct route to the town centre.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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Transferring to Local Buses at Chur Station

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