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About the station

There can be little argument that Lausanne can boast Switzerland’s most beautiful large station, it is gem of th beaux-arts architectural style.

Though Lausanne station is about to enter a major phase of new construction that is due to last until at least 2020.
It will enable more local trains to use the station and improve access to the metro, but disruption to the access to/from the trains is being kept to a minimum.

There are currently two passage ways, located on either side of the main station hall, which run beneath the railway lines.

The passage way that leads off from the Est departure hall leads to platforms/tracks/voie 3 – 8 and unlike the other passage way it has lift access with the platforms/voie.
As you approach the station from the town this passage way is accessed through the smaller departure hall – that has the arched canopy over its street entrance.

The passage way to the right/ouest of the main departure hall only has steps and ramps access to platforms/tracks/voie 3 – 8, but it is the only means of accessing voie/track 9 and it does have lift access to voie 9.

If you're arriving by train from the south (on trains that have passed through Bern or Montreux), then the lifts will be towards the rear of the train.
If you're arriving from Geneva or Paris, then the lifts will be towards the front of the train.

The entrance to the Metro is on the opposite side of the street to main departure hall, but its entrance can be directly accessed by the est passage way – the one that has the lifts.
Use this Est passage way and you don't have to ascend into the main station building to access the Metro - the entrance will be ahead of you at the end of the passage way.


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