Linz Hbf (Linz/Donau Hbf)

Linz, (Austria)

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About the station

Linz Hauptbahnhof/hbf is wonderfully straightforward station to use.
The platforms (bahnsteigen) are at street level, but in order to access the bahnsteigen (tracks/platforms) 2 – 12  (where most of the trains depart from and arrive at) you need to use either one of the two passage ways that are beneath the tracks.



When arriving by train the access to the main passage is between zones A and B (the platforms are divided into zones).
This is towards the rear of trains when arriving from the Vienna/Wien direction, so can be behind you when you step off a train, but towards the front of the trains that arrive from Salzburg (and beyond).

This main passage way has a lift and escalators, but there is another passage way located towards zone C/D, which is accessed by stairs and escalators.
It may be the nearest exit/ausgang when arriving by train, but if you want to use the lift, you may need to walk passed its entrances.

This secondary passage ways is an alternative route from the trains to the main concourse, it's also the quickest route to the tram stops.
If you use it and want to connect to the trams to the city centre, don’t ascend to the exits that you will see above you on the main concourse.

The main concourse houses an atrium - the upper level is at street level, so has access to the main exit, the taxi ranks and bus station.
The lower level, which is where the passage ways to the platforms/bahnsteigen and ticket offices is located, has access to the trams - the 

When arriving by train, if you use the main passage way and want to connect to the trams, the tram station will be ahead of you at the end of the passage way - follow the signs to the the Straßenbahn.
Ascend up to the street level if you want to access the taxi rank or bus station.



When departing by train, if your train is leaving from platform/bahnsteigen 3 – 12, use the main passage way.
If you have walked to the station and entered by the main entrance, or have arrived by taxi or at the bus station - you will have descend to the lower level in the main station building, in order to access this passage way.

You can discover in which zones the trains and specific coaches will be located once you’re on the platform.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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City Info

To the city centre:

The main station in Linz, the Hauptbahnhof/hbf is awkwardly located on the southern edge of the city centre.

But the station is connected to the heart of Linz by a frequent tram service - all four lines in the city (1 - 4) connect Linz Hbf to the city centre.
Follow the signs in the station pointing the way to the the Straßenbahn (the name of the tram network in Linz).
Take trams heading towards Landgustr. or the Universitat.

The main city centre stop is Hauptplatz, its located near the city's main Tourist Information office and the south bank of The Danube.
Hauptplatz is 6 stops from the Hauptbahhof.
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