By Train from London (United Kingdom) to Utrecht (Netherlands)

Journey Summary

Depart London (United Kingdom)

London St Pancras International

Arrive Utrecht (Netherlands)

Utrecht Centraal
Journey Time
4hr 11min*
On this route the quickest option is to travel via Rotterdam and not Amsterdam!

Mon-Fri = 2 x connections per day
Sat/Sun = 1 x connection per day

Changing Trains in: Rotterdam

*4hr 11min will be the journey time shown on NS International.

But this journey time allows 32 mins to make the transfer between trains at Rotterdam Centraal station**, which seems generous - particularly as there are 4 x trains per hour between Rotterdam and Utrecht.

18 mins after the Eurostar should arrive there will be an IC train heading to Utrecht - which will stand out on the departure screens as it will be heading to Utrecht!

The connection shown on NS International is into an IC train which calls at Utrecht on route to Groningen.

Though it doesn't particularly matter which train you opt to take, the tickets for the part of the journey between Rotterdam and Utrecht won't be train specific - so you can use them on any train on from Rotterdam.

**NS International shows 'Rotterdam Centraal Eurostar' as the station that the Eurostar will arrive at, but it is the same station, Rotterdam Centraal, that the connections on to Utrecht will depart from.

Train 1

  • Depart: London (United Kingdom)
  • Arrive: Rotterdam (Netherlands)
  • Journey time: 3hr 1min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Rotterdam (Netherlands)
  • Arrive: Utrecht (Netherlands)
  • Journey time: 37 min

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Ticket information

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