Using our Guides to travel by train in Popular Countries

In Europe how you take a train, buy a ticket and use a station etc. varies - depending on the country in which you will be taking a journey in, or travelling from.

Hence our unique TRAVEL GUIDES to travelling by train in multiple countries in Europe - with more coming soon!
How to travel by train in Europe
On our travels we have been tripped up by;

- orgetting that in France you need to stamp a ticket, because you don't in Switzerland,

- having to remember that you need to reserve before boarding an Italian high speed train, because you don't have to in Germany etc etc.

One of our top tips is to set aside how you catch a train in your home country, as it won't be the same everywhere else.
Though more often than not it’s no more complicated than buy ticket →  get on train → get off train.

However, it’s worth becoming familiar with the basics of how the trains are operated in your location, particularly if you will be travelling long distance.

If you have never previously travelled by train in;

Austria          Belgium      Czech Republic    

Denmark       France         Germany

Great Britain (UK)             Hungary  
Italy          Netherlands      Norway    

Poland     Sweden            Switzerland

then we recommend clicking these country links, before you look up anything else on ShowMeTheJourney.

They're linked to our ticket guides for each country and also give easy access to our guides to the trains, major stations and most popular journeys.

They also give an insight into the key things worth knowing about taking a train in each country, such as:

(1) whether you need to book online in advance to make savings,

(2) what train services are cheaper than others,

(3) how seat reservations work - and whether they’re available at all,

(4) what facilities you can typically expect to find at a major station,

(5) what you will need to do in order to find your train at a major station,

(6) what trains that operate in that country,

(7) which international express train services operate to/from each country

(8) how train tickets are sold and the key terms and conditions of using them.

Topics we have deliberately left out include how tickets are checked and inspected.
We don’t want to be a fare evasions guide, and we also haven’t given specific information on customs and passport checks for obvious reasons

What we will say is don’t be surprised if you don’t have to show a passport before BOARDING  a European international train service.

Once you’ve become familiar with the basics, taking the train in a new country for the first time is nothing to be afraid of,

In fact much of the time, it can be fabulous, so don’t miss out, especially now that you can discover all you need to know

The Other Things We Do:

In addition to our station info for European train travel, we've also put together;