How to make the most of the Journey Guides

Our unique JOURNEY GUIDES show you much more than how to buy the optimum ticket.
They give an insight into the journey experience that's both practical and inspirational.
How to take the most popular European railway journeys
You can discover all you need to know, from the info about the train you will be travelling by, to what you'll be able to see out of the window.

Your Questions About Train Journeys:

So you’re thinking of making a journey?
You don’t know if you’ll want to buy a ticket yet because before you commit to the journey there are other things to consider - such as:
- How easy or awkward will it be to make the journey by train?
- How long will it take?
- How much will it cost? How comfortable will it be?
- Will it be memorable or special in any way?

Once you have decided that going by train is an option then the practicalities of making the journey kick in:
- What station do I need to head to?
- Where is it and How Do I Get There?
- What facilities will there be at a station?
- Where can I stay near the station?
- How do I reach my final destination?
- Can I buy food/drink on the train?
- Do I have a choice of journeys?
- Is one train cheaper than another?
- Can I use my rail pass on this train?


Having ticked off all those boxes, you want to make the trip, so now you need a ticket:

- Should I buy it online, or at the station?
- Will I save money if I book online and if I will, does it matter how far ahead I book?
- When do they go on sale?
- How will I receive the ticket and what do I need to do with it?
- Can I save it on my phone?
- Do I need to print it off myself?
- What tickets should I book at the station? How easy will that be?
- Do I need to make a reservation if I have a rail pass? If so how much will that be?


How we have answered them:

Now you can find the answers for those questions about the journeys you are MOST LIKELY to take, by using our POPULAR JOURNEY GUIDES

We have focused of three types of journey:
(1) Journeys to must-see destinations
(2) Necessary journeys between cities – which we admit, might not have the wow factor.
(3) Journeys that are so fabulous that they are worth taking for the sake of it – often with the added bonus of linking wonderful locations!

…with many, many, many more to be added.

What we have deliberately NOT included for the moment, are more awkward journeys that involve more than 2 x changes of train, or journeys that cannot be concluded on a single day.


Our Journey Info:

On the ShowMeTheJourney guides you can do much more than book a ticket.
You can access information that will help you buy the right ticket at the cheapest possible price.
Plus the info for the trains you will be taking and the stations you will be using.

In addition to the practical assistance and tips, you can also glean an insight into the journey itself:
Find out if it will be scenic and if so, what you should look out for and how.
How to make Europe's most scenic train journeys
All of these images above were captured by us and are included in our guide to Europe's Most Scenic EXPRESS train journeys.

The information we provide is bespoke to each journey, it hasn't been generated by software.
Instead we have made hundreds of journeys by train harvesting useful tips and insights, which we're delighted to share.

Though sometimes it's made sense for us not to directly provide an answer, when other services already do so.
So when it's appropriate we track down the best alternative services that can help - and then provided easy access to them.
It will save you the bother of finding them for yourself.


Our Ticket Info:

Look up a journey with us and you won’t see the departure times and the specific ticket prices on your travel dates.
We’ve left that to the ticket agents, but what we have done is tracked down all the online agents, which will sell the tickets for your journey at the cheapest possible price.

Which ticket agent you choose to book with is therefore your choice, but what we have striven to do, is explain how you can buy the optimum ticket for your journey.
Though as we don't 'sell' tickets, ShowMeTheJourney is also able to point out when the better option is to book at the station.

Once you follow the ticket booking links on our journey guides, you’ll then have to look up your journey on the ticket agents because you haven’t told ShowMeTheJourney on what date you will be travelling on, or at what time and how many of you will be making the journey.
Although that’s something we’re looking at - what we definitely want to show is the typical price for more journeys on our guides, so that is on the way.

Though there’s so much more to a journey than departure times and ticket prices, it’s why we love taking the train, so we wanted to show you how to do the same - right HERE
Enjoy your trip!


The Other Things We Do:

In addition to our journey info for European train travel, we've also put together;