How to discover all the info you'll ever need about train stations

It won't be a huge surprise that here at ShowMeTheJourney we're a tad obsessed by train stations, particularly those where atmosphere meets great design.

Though we're also aware that navigating large stations can be the most confusing aspect of making a journey by train - hence our unique TRAIN STATION GUIDES.
How to use European train stations
Station websites can inevitably be a great source of information about the facilities you can find a station, but our guides to using the major stations across Europe go further.

They provide;

(i) an idea of the experience that awaits you at a station,
(ii) insights into how to find and access your train.
(iii) a summary of the facilities you will find at the station.
(iv) a multitude of useful links to other relevant info.
(v) the practical information you will need - such as how to travel to/from the station and we often include suggestions of where to stay near by.

Stations are much more varied than airports, there is no equivalent to the set pattern of check in →  passport control → security → departure lounge →  boarding gate.

Also each country tends to take a unique approach to how it provides the information at stations, to both help you find your train and find your way around the station.

Hence we've also provided general guides to using train stations in:


Terminus stations are usually a dream to use because the trains tend to be at street level, so the access to/from them is step free - so we have striven to point out when that is the case.
Using Terminus Stations
However, at most stations you will have to engage with multiple levels in order to access the trains.
So we’ve gone the extra mile to point out when escalators and lifts are an alternative to stairs and how to find them.

21st century travellers rightfully expect that making the transfer from and to the trains to be as easy as possible, with few obstacles to overcome if you have heavy luggage or require mobility assistance.
However, particularly when arriving by train, your best option isn’t to follow the crowd.

So we have striven to given you all the advice you need before you arrive at a station, to help you work out what is best for you.

We're able to provide these insights as we have taken trains from more than 200 stations across Europe - all of the images on our station pages were taken by us. 

What we have tried to convey with those images, is that despite the fact they can be a tad awkward to use, stations can also be magnificent places in which to start and finish a journey!

The Other Things We Do:

In addition to our station info for European train travel, we've also put together;