The Voralpen Express

The Voralpen Express Train in Luzern station

The Voralpen Express is a train service which operates hourly in each direction over SBB and SOB lines between Luzern and St. Gallen.

Therefore The Voralpen Express provides a useful link between Lucerne/The Gotthard Line (at Arth-Goldau) and the southern part of Lake Zurich and eastern Switzerland.

The Voralpen Express trains  also connect Luzern with the Zurich to Chur main line at Pfaffikon, so passengers travelling between the RhB and  ZB systems can take this train - and the trains between Pfaffikon and Chur.

The journey taken by The Voralpen Express isn’t as scenic as other Swiss journeys, but it does have two notable highlights;

(1) south of St Gallen, the train crosses the Sitter Viaduct – Switzerland’s highest rail bridge, and

(2) between Watwill and Pfaffikon the train passes over Lake Zurich.

Brand new and very smart trains are now being used for these Voralpen Expres services.

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