The Concierge Rail Travel Planning Service

Despite the volume of websites and apps dedicated to European train times and tickets, planning an optimum train journey in Europe can be time consuming and confusing, but ShowMeTheJourney provides a solution.

The breadth of information provided across this website gives an overview of 100's of train journeys, but because it is in effect a summary of those train rides, it can’t be specific to the needs of individual traveller(s).

Hence providing a new Concierge Service which can now provide bespoke travel plans,when making a train journey within or through these 26 countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia/Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

Telling Us Where You Want To Go:

In order to facilitate this as simply as possible ShowMeTheJourney has produced two travel detail request forms that can be filled out online on any device – though on a phone they are easier to use in landscape mode.

1: If you want to make an end-to-end journey, either a one-way or a return trip, we suggest using this FORM.

2: Or if you will planning train journeys to multiple locations on a round trip, then we recommend using this FORM.

Or you could simply send an email to inform the Concierge Service of your travel plans, but using those forms should simplify the process, as most of the info requests are optional.


What You Will Receive:

Once all the details of your trip have been captured, mutually agreed and payment has been received, you will then receive a personalised travel plan, which will resemble this example.

You'll see that you will receive more than you asked for, including notes that will be specific to your journey - and whenever possible, you will have easy access to info about the stations you will be using and the trains you will be travelling by.

If requested, the ticket booking links on your plan, will whenever possible, connect you directly with the purchasing of the train departures included on your plan.


The fees:

The charges for using the Concierge Service are based on the cost per day that you will spend travelling as per your plan – they are priced in £s but the payment solution will convert the fee into your currency.
It doesn’t matter how many individual journeys will be required in order to reach a destination on each day’s optimum schedule, because a goal of the Concierge Service is to save you both time and money.

For an end to end journey:
Departure/arrival times plus ticket booking links = £8 per travel day
But if your journey involves taking no more than two trains we will simply send you the details at no charge.

For a multiple destination itinerary:

Type Of Travel Plan:

Cost per Travel Day

Only the train departure and arrival times 


Train departure/arrival times PLUS the optimum ticket booking links for each journey


Train departure/arrival times PLUS optimum ticket booking links when travelling with a bicycle


Train departure/arrival times and the ticket booking links PLUS a comparison of booking tickets against using a rail pass.
So that you can see whether booking tickets or purchasing and using a rail pass will the cheapest option for completing your travel plans.


For those who already have a rail pass: Train departure/arrival times PLUS factoring in a reservations plan based on your preferences for how you want to travel.
So your bespoke plan could include only journeys which don't require reservations, and/or it could include notes and booking links, so that making your reservations will be as simple as possible.


Producing a travel plan for a multi-destination itinerary requires a bespoke Stage Two form, on which destinations and travel details can be confirmed.
Hence a deposit is charged for producing these multi-destination plans - and this will then be deducted from the total cost.
For example, a 4 day departure/arrival times plus booking links plan costing £32 will require a deposit of £10 and the payment of the balance of £22, when the finalised plan is ready for delivery.

Pop over an email if you have any questions and as this is brand new, any feedback on how it could be improved, or the concept in general would be particularly welcome.


Terms And Conditions:

1: Contact details supplied will be solely used for communication purposes in connection to the specific requested travel plan and will not be archived, used for any other marketing purposes or be made available to third parties.

2. Once a travel plan has been agreed, paid for and supplied it can only be amended by the purchaser of the plan by the payment for a revised plan, with any changes on a travel day charged at the daily rate for producing a plan for a day’s travel.
Any travel day which does not require amendment will not be-recharged.

3. Payment for the entire plan or any specific, particular travel day will not be refunded in the event of an intention to travel being cancelled.

4. The links to the third party companies who retail train tickets are supplied in good faith, but does not accept responsibility for an increase in ticket price in the interval in time between the link being provided to a customer and the commencement of the booking process.

5. will strive to ensure that the ticket booking links it supplies will provide the clients of its concierge service with the optimum ticket to undertake a requested journey, but it does not absolutely guarantee that the recommended ticket agent will be offering the cheapest possible price for a requested journey.

6. ShowMeTheJourney recommends that all customers of the Concierge Service, who receive booking links, check the journey details that are being recommended, including travel dates and departure times, and confirm the ticket agents terms and conditions before proceeding with making a booking, as does not accept any liability for a ticket purchase not meeting the requirements of a client of the Concierge Service.

7. If a booking is made by the client of the Concierge Service based on the recommendation of, the fulfilment of that booking and the subsequent use of a ticket or rail pass, will be solely bound by the terms and conditions of the retailer of the ticket or rail pass. Therefore will have no obligation on how a ticket is dispatched, received or used in transit.

8. will not accept any responsibility or liability for the contract between a ticket retailer and train service operator.

9: The journey details provided by including both departure and arrival stations, departure and arrival times and the type of train used for a journey and the specific route a train will follow are supplied in good faith. is not liable for any subsequent changes to train schedules and journey details, between the date of the Travel Plan being supplied to a client, and the travel dates on which the suggested journeys will be undertaken.
Though will endeavour to update provided travel plans, in the event of it being made aware of changes to schedules.

10: does not accept any liability should a delay to a train service, or a schedule change, result in a train ticket or reservation booked as consequence of’s recommendation, being invalid or requiring an exchange.
Should a train delay or train delay or schedule change require a ticket to be re-booked or exchanged, the circumstances will be bound by the ticket agent’s terms and conditions and its contract with a train service provider. The ticket holder agrees that in those circumstances that they should make contact with the ticket agent and/or train service provider and not with