How to travel on the PB (Pilatusbahn)

The Pilatusbahn is the world’s steepest cogwheel railway and it operates from mid-May to mid- November, between Alpnachstad and the spectacular summit station, Pilatus-Kulm, on Mount Pilatus.

Alpnachstad station is served by ZB (Zentralbahn) trains.

However, the ‘Luzern – Interlaken Express’ trains operated by ZB do NOT call at Alpnachstad, the only trains that do are the local trains between Luzern and Giswil.

So when travelling from by train from Interlaken, to access the Pilatusbahn, you need to change trains at Giswil.


The Pilatusbahn is one part of The Golden Round Trip to/from Luzern - the timetable is  here.

When travelling from Luzern for the gondola station in Kriens (the first stage of the Golden Round Trip to the summit of Mt Pilatus) take Trolleybus Line 1 from the front of the station (direction Obernau Dorf).
Then at the Linde Pilatus stop you can connect to bus line 15 which stops directly in front of the gondola station at Pilatus-Bahnen.

Or travel the opposite direction and make the first stage of the journey, taking the train from Luzern to Alpnachstad - though another more scenic option is to take a lake cruise boat from the piers outside Luzern station to Alpnachstad.


Eurail and InterRail – 50% discount on the Pilatusbahn and on the gondola to Kreins.

Discounts are also available on the complete  Golden Round Trip, that also includes the buses between Kriens and Luzern and the boat between Luzern and Alpnachstad.

Swiss Travel Pass and Saver Day Pass - free travel, including the entire Golden Round Trip.

Tickets between SBB stations and Pilatus-Kulm station, for journeys via Alpnachstad, can be booked on the SBB booking service.

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