How To Plan Your Ideal European Train Journey

Start planning your journey from the most popular cities in Europe HERE.or read on to discover more about how to make the most of your trip?

How to use the Popular Journeys guides

How to use the Train Travel guides

This site map is a guide to the info you can discover on ShowMeTheJourney.
The ShowMeTheJourney Interactive Site Map

You'll find an interactive version HERE.

On ShowMeTheJourney you don't have to search for information - all you have to do is click.

Following the Popular Journeys - the light red route:

1. Select the city in which you will be starting a journey HERE
2. Select the city you wish to travel to.
3. You'll either see the basic journey info OR the different options available for each journey.
4. Choose a journey option and then when using ShowMeTheJourney on a phone or tablet you can click 'View Details'
- but on a PC you will already see the 'Journey Information'.

5. Then on the journey summary you will see the journey time, frequency and the specific stations that the journey will be starting and finishing at.
You can click on many of the stations to access additional info to help arriving and departing by train.

6. Click on 'Journey Information' and you will see details of the journey including whether it is scenic etc PLUS you'll discover which train/trains* you will be travelling by.
Click on the Train to access further information about the train(s) you will be taking *When more than one train share a route two are listed, with the most commonly used trains listed first

7. Click on 'Ticket Information' and you'll see tips on how to book the cheapest possible tickets and links to the ticket agent(s) which sell the cheapest tickets for the journey.
If you know you want to buy a ticket, then on a phone or tablet you can skip passed the 'Journey Information'.

To plan your next journey on a multi-journey trip, click on the station on which your journey finishes.
Then on the station page - you can access other journeys on from that station.

Following the Train Travel guides - the dark red route:

If you will be travelling by train in a country for the first time, or exploring a country by train - then....

1. Select the country you will be travelling in HERE
You will then see all the key points about travelling in that country

2. You can then click on the 'Trains' buttons to see a list of the trains that operate within and to/from that country
Click on the 'Tickets & Passes' button to discover how you buy the cheapest/optimum tickets and tips for using a rail passes
Plus the links to the agents that will sell the tickets and passes

3. OR use the links to access other pages on the web, which will tell you more about specific aspects of travelling by train in that particular country

4. OR click on 'Station Information' to access a list of stations that have guides on ShowMeTheJourney

5a. OR click on 'Journey Information'
5b. Click the red button
5c. Choose a city from the list and discover the journeys you can make from each city.