Booking Saver Fare Europe Tickets on the DB Website

The steps below show how to book Europa Spezial (discounted train tickets) on DB Bahn - and extend the minium connection time between trains,

This can be particularly useful if you want to have seats assigned on trains that allow more than 25 mins, to connect between the arrival of a Eurostar train and the departure of an ICE train, at Bruxelles Midi/Zuid station.

By extending the connection time when making a booking, you can reduce the risk of needing to swap reservations (free of charge) to a subsequent departure.

It may seem a lot of steps below, but tickets can be booked in a matter of minutes.


Go to the DB Bahn home page.

(1) Click Offers
(2) Click on Saver Fare Europe - and the info to the right will appear
(3) Click 'Book now'


You will then see...

Click on 'Start or destination outside Germany'.


You will then see...

Click the 'Start outside Germany' button.

Click the drop down menu, which initially shows Austria.

Choose the country in which you will be commencing your journey.


You will then see...


Check that you have selected 'Start outside Germany' and the country in which youi will be collecting the journey and then click 'Proceed'.


You will then see...

In this example we are commencing a journey in Great Britain so have chosen 'LONDON' as the departure station (it will be the only option when commecing a journey in Great Britan).

In this example we are heading to Berlin so  'B' has been entered in the  'Destination' search box and Berlin Hbf' - the main station in Berlin, has been selected.

Having selected the 'Departure' station and the 'Destination' station, then select the Single or Return journey boxes.

Next comes the key step of clicking in the 'Duration of transfer' box in order to extend the minimum connecting time between trains - your tickets will be train specific.

Before proceeding to making a booking, it can be a good idea to vary this 'Duration of transfer' time, to see what difference it makes to the connections you will then be offered.

Ideally you want to increase the 'Duration of transfer' to as long as possible, without increasing the overall total journey time.

Having selected the 'Duration' Of Transfer'...

you then need to;

(1) Select the details of the travelling party - number of Adults and Children (note the ages of the children)
(2) Enter the ages of the travellers
(3) Choose 1st or 2nd classe
(4) And then click 'Search'.


You will then see...

(1) Check the Departure (D), Arrival (A) and total journey times (Dur.)
(2) If you're happy with them, click the circular button to the left of the price
(3) And then click on the magnifying class to check the details of the connection.

Do that and you will see...

You could now click on 'To book' to proceed to the next stage of the booking process, however, it's a good idea to click on the 'Details' - above the 'To book' button.

Do that and you will see...

...the full details of the journey will appear in a pop up box.

You can then check the arrival and departure times of each train and assess exactly how long you'll then have to make each connection.

If you're happy with what you see - click on 'To book' to proceed to the next stage of the booking process.