Thello Day (France <> Italy)

Exterior of a Thello train, note that the first class coaches are blue and 2nd class is red Exterior of a Thello train, note that the first class coaches are blue and 2nd class is red

Exterior of a Thello train, note that the first class coaches are blue and 2nd class is red

These international trains between France and Italy operate on only one, rather fabulous route;

Milano - Genova - Albenga -San Remo - Ventimiglia/Ventimille - Menton - Monte Carlo - Nice - Antibes - Cannes - Toulon - Marseille*

Thello's daytime trains are comparable to the IC trains in Italy and France -  though all seats are in open style saloons and not compartments.

However, if you have luggage you'll welcome the space on board, both for stowing luggage and for wheeling it through the train - these trains have particularly wide corridors.

One thing to look out for is that the bar counter tends to be at the very end of the train.

Rail pass users:

A new and very welcome development is that rail passes, InterRail and Interrail, valid in both France AND Italy can now be used to travel on Thello trains.

But because this is a new feature, Thello hasn't yet updated its website, so the reservations which cost €3 in both 1st and 2nd class can't be booked online.

They also won't be available at the ticket desks at French stations, because Thello trains aren't managed by SNCF, but the ticket desks are, hence they don't sell the Thello trains.
However, the rail pass reservations can be booked at ticket desks (not ticket machines) at Italian train stations.

But the €3 reservation fee is apparently optional, so Eurail and InterRail pass users can just hop on board, but if you do this it won't be apparent whether any spare seats that can be found, will be available for the entire journey. 
Because the ticket holders all have complimentary reservations, Thello trains don't have systems which indicate to passengers whether seats are available or have been reserved.

The ticket holder will know where they will be sitting, because the seat number will be on their ticket and they will expect their seat(s) to be available, so will be entitled to ask a rail pass user to vacate the seats that they have booked.
So if you have a rail pass and occupy a seemingly available seat, it's fairly likely that you will have to give it up if it's then claimed by a ticket holder.
And these Thello trains make comparatively frequent station calls at busy locations, so being able to remain in the same 'spare' seats for the entirety of a long-distance journey, is a fairly unlikely scenario.

The Thello website may not sell these rail pass reservations online, (or make any reference to them ) but it does still allow rail pass (Eurail and InterRail) users to obtain a 25% discount on the standard ticket price when booking tickets online - the full details and instructions are here.

However, the most heavily discounted tickets are cheaper than this special Rail Pass rate.

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