CrossCountry 125 (UK)

A 125 train has arrived in Bristol on service between Plymouth and Edinburgh A 125 train has arrived in Bristol on service between Plymouth and Edinburgh

A 125 train has arrived in Bristol on service between Plymouth and Edinburgh

These iconic Intercity 125 trains have been widely appreciated by travellers for more than 40 years, partially because their interior seems more spacious than on many modern British trains.

CrossCountry uses its fleet of Intercity 125 trains for some* departures in both directions on its longest route; (Penzance) - Plymouth – Exeter – BristolBirmingham – Derby – Sheffield – LeedsYork – Durham – NewcastleEdinburghGlasgow.

*Though the Voyager trains operated by CrossCountry operate most of the services on this route.


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Seat Reservations During The Pandemic

Cross Country train has temporarily amended its usual seat reservation policy in order to ensure social distancing on board.
Book any type of ticket online and seats will be automatically assigned.

For those with a prior booking, there are various means of obtaining a seat reservation at no additional charge.
How to do so is explained on the CrossCountry Covid-19 info page.


10 Things that are good to know about travelling on a CrossCountry 125 train:

(1) Complimentary Wi-Fi access is available throughout the train, but CrossCountry is open and honest about the fact that data usage will be restricted, so that, for example, it's not possible to access digital TV through the train's Wi-Fi.

(2)  As this seating plan shows, in both First and Standard Class power sockets are only available at window seats.

(3) Each First and Standard Class coach on the train offers a mix of table seats and airline style seats - though most of the seats in First Class are table seats.

(4) All First Class window seats have a good views, but as can be seen on the seating plan, some 'window' seats in Standard Class coaches have a more restricted view.

(5) An at-seat catering service is provided in both First Class and Standard Class (second class).

(6) Coach G in Standard Class is designated a Quiet Coach, in this coach travellers are requested not to make or receive calls during a journey.
Seats in the 'Quiet Coach' can be requested when booking tickets online.

(7) Spaces for non-folding bikes can be reserved ahead of travel free of charge, but one space per train is set aside for travellers without bike reservations;

The bike storage facility is located in coach G, which is located at the very front or very rear of the train, so pre-boarding it's worth confirming where coach G will be located before the train arrives at the station.

(8) One aspect of Intercity 125 trains which does reflect their 40+ years of service is how the train doors are opened.
When boarding you have to turn the door handle, there is no button to push.

When alighting there is no handle on the inside of the train, so you have to open the window in the door and put your arm through it, in order to reach the handle on the outside of the door!

(9) The luggage storage space is comparatively limited on these trains, so Cross Country requests that each traveller only carries one large suitcase/bag per person, which measures no more than 90cm by 70cm by 30cm.

(10) Up to two dogs can travel for free with an individual or group of travellers.



If you will be boarding at a station the train calls at during a journey, there are now usually signs on the platform (track) which will show you where to wait for speedy boarding into each coach/carriage.

Don’t just check the coach/carriage numbers by the doors, also check the seat number info that’s on the outside of the train.
All coaches will have two doors, one at each end and the other door may be nearer to your seat.


Worth knowing is that you don’t have to occupy the seat you have been assigned, for your travel ticket to be valid - the train conductor will check the ticket, but not the reservation.

So if for any reason you want to travel in a different seat, you can do so, as long as you check that the alternative seat(s) you want to move to hasn't been reserved, so will be available for your journey.

If you don’t have heavy luggage, after departure it can be worth having a walk through the train, to see what seats are available in other coaches.
It’s not unknown for some of the coaches on the train to relatively busy, while others will be comparatively empty.

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Standard Class:

On virtually all departures at some point during the journey a catering trolley will be taken through the train, from which you can order hot/cold drinks, snacks and sandwiches at your seat.

There is also usually an on-board cafe where you can order hot food and a more extensive range of food/drink items.

First Class:

Complimentary food and drink is served to first class passengers at their seats, though what you will be offered is dependent on the length of the journey you will be taking.

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Assisted Travel:

These trains have both wheelchair spaces and seats with additional leg-room and Assisted Travel requirements can be booked online.

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