Thello Night (France <> Italy)

Exterior view of a Thello overnight train Exterior view of a Thello overnight train

Exterior view of a Thello overnight train

These trains convey:

A restaurant car - all passengers can order an evening meal and/or breakfast in the restaurant car (though the price of the food/drink is not included in the ticket price).

- Couchettes with 4 berths AND 6 berths
- Standard sleeping cabins with 3 and 2 beds
- Premium Sleeping cabins, travellers must book entire cabin which sleeps 1 or 2 people

These trains do not convey any seating accommodation.


The couchettes:

All couchettes are mixed sex

A berth in a 4 berth compartment is more expensive than in a 6 berth

Sheets and pillows are provided

Washing facilities are available (shared with the other compartments)

Complimentary bottle of water

Snacks and other drinks can be ordered from the attendant.


Standard sleeping cabins:

Single sex only.

Cabins are sold on a 2 bed or 3 bed occupancy, so if you're are a solo traveller you can opt to share a cabin with one or two other people.

If two men/women are travelling together you can opt to book a 2 bed cabin, or to share a 3 bed cabin with another traveller.

Prices per bed are cheaper in a 3 bed cabin compared to a 2 bed cabin.

Bed linen provided

Washing facilities in cabin (sink/basin with washing kit and towels)

Toilet in cabin

Complimentary bottle of water

Additional welcome drink can be ordered when boarding

Breakfast in the restaurant car included in the price

Cabin has more sound insulation than the couchettes.


Premium sleeping cabins:

All the facilities of the standard sleeping cabin PLUS a shower in the cabin.

The entire cabin will be booked, so if you are a solo traveller you will have the cabin to yourself.

Or if you travelling as a couple you will have a private cabin

Only four premium cabins are available per journey.

More information including images are available on the Thelllo website.


Travelling With Children:

Children aged under 4 years old do not require a ticket if they share a bed or couchette berth with an accompanying adult.

Maximum of 1 child sharing per adult.

If you will be travelling solo with two or more children aged under 4 years old, each child will require a separate bed/berth at the child rate.

Children aged 4 - 14 must have their own bed/berths booked but can travel at a child rate of a 30% discount on the Adult fare.

All those aged 15 and over pay the Adult rate.

If you are travelling as a family you can travel together in a couchette.

If you will be travelling with up to two children aged under 4 you can book a Premium sleeping cabin and a child can sleep in each bed.

However, if you want to travel in standard sleeping cabin the mother and father will need to travel in separate cabins.

More information is available here.


Rail pass users:

If your InterRail or Eurail pass is valid in Italy or France or both Italy AND France, you can obtain a 25% discount of the standard adult rate

You must reserve in advance and details of how to do that are here.

Note that the discount is applied to the standard fare.

However, the most heavily discounted advance tickets can be discounted by more than 25%, so the cheapest option can be to book one of those ticket deals and not to use a rail pass on these Thello overnight trains

Always check the prices being offered on the Thello website for your journey, before applying for the rail pass discount.
Bistro (Hot Food)
Bar (Cold Food)
Double Deck
High Speed
First Class
Second Class

Rail passes and reservations

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