Travelling on the SPB (Schynige Platte-Bahn)

The Schynige Platte-Bahn operates the rack railway between Wilderswill and the famous wildflower gardens at Schynige Platte.

SPB trains share the station at Wilderswill with BOB trains and through tickets, valid on both BOB and SPB trains, are available from the BOB ticket office at Interlaken Ost station and - can be booked online on the link above.

Tickets between SBB stations and at Schynige Platte station can be booked on the
SBB booking service.

To access the SPB railway from Interlaken, take any BOB train from Interlaken Ost to Wilderswill.

The SPB line provides dramatic views over Lake Luzern and Lake Thun as well as views of the Eiger and Jungfrau mountains – sit on the left of the trains when setting off from Wilderswill.

For those seeking dramatic views with easy access from Interlaken, the SPB is a cheaper alternative than journeys on the WAB and JB lines, which are also linked to the BOB lines.

Eurail - 25% discount

InterRail - no discount

Swiss Travel Pass - 25% discount

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