Frecciarossa 1000 (Frecce) (Italy)

If you will be taking a journey by these Frecciarossa1000 trains our guide will tell you all you need to know, from boarding, to making the most of the journey experience.

These high speed ‘Red Arrow’ trains, which travel up to 300 km/h, are the newest high speed trains operated by Trenitalia.

AV = 'Alta Velocita' - the English translation is 'high speed'.

Not to be confused with the older Frecciarossa’ trains, these ‘Frecciarossa 1000’ trains are different, rather fabulous, beasts.




Befitting their top of the class status among Trenitalia’s trains, these Frecciarossa 1000 trains operate the fastest Trenitalia AV high-speed services.

As a result they are mostly confined to the main high speed Torino – Milano – Bologna – Firenze – Roma – Napoli – Salerno route.

Nearly all of the services, which are non-stop in either direction between Milano and Roma, are operated by these trains.

On Board - Five Things worth knowing about Frecciarossa 1000 trains

1. As on the Frecciarossa trains- in addition to standard/2nd class these Frecciarossa 1000 trains offer THREE levels of 1st class/premier service, namely:

(i) Executive – lounges on the train that are akin to 1st class on airlines.

(ii) Business – more typical of the 1st class ambience on non-Italian high speed trains

If you have a 1st class Eurail or InterRail pass and purchase a reservation to travel on a Frecciarossa 1000 train, this is where your seat(s) will be located.

(Iii) Premium – more comfortable than standard class, more leg room and smarter seats, but less spacious than typical European 1st class coaches.

Premium is akin to a superior standard class travel experience.

2. Quiet Coaches' are now available in Standard Class - they had previously only been an option when travelling Business Class.
If travelling in these coaches would be your preference, look out for 'Standard Area Silenzio' when booking tickets.

3. The on board announcements will be Italian followed by English.

4. The power sockets in Frecciarossa 1000 trains are compatible with E.U standard two-pin plugs..

5 The Wi-Fi isn't particularly reliable

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Seats will be automatically assigned when booking tickets - but if you book on the Trenitalia website, it will give you an option for choosing a specific seat(s) from a seating plan.
However, there is now a €2 surcharge for using this facility, no matter which class of service you will be choosing to travel by.

Rail pass users will need to reserve prior to boarding - reservations can be booked at ticket counters or by using Trenitalia branded ticket machines OR online on the ItaliaRail website.

More info on how to book these rail pass reservations is available HERE

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(1) Before boarding, check the carrozza/coach number on your ticket, as this will make getting on to the train much easier.

(2) On some departures two Freccisarossa 1000 trains can now be joined together, to form exceptionally long 16 coach trains.

(3) At virtually all the stations that Frecciarossa 1000 trains call at, there will be information screens on the platform/binario (with a red background) - which indicate where to wait for the doors to a specific coach.

Where there aren’t any such info screens, the best option can be wait in the middle of the binario and then locate your carrozza/coach when the train arrives.

If need be, board by the nearest door that you can get to before the train departs, and then walk through the train to find your seat.

(4) On the carrozza/coach doors the coach numbers (and the destination information) is shown on an electronic display.

(5) A number 2 on the door indicates a standard/2nd class coach, while all three classes of 1st class accommodation are indicated by a 1 on the door.

(6) As all seats are reserved, there is no need to rush when you have boarded - take your time when you enter the carrozza/coach, as the seat numbers can lack logic.

What you won’t see is any indication of between which stations the seat is reserved for, all you have to do is look for the seat number.

The seat numbers are on the wall of the coach above the window

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If you need or would prefer to depart and arrive at specific times, then it's best to choose the departure which suits you and not be concerned about the specific type of Frecce train you will be travelling by - all Frecce trains offer a comparatively good travel exprience.

When booking tickets online on Trenitalia, depending on the route you will be taking, you may see that some alternative departures will be by Frecciarossa or Frecciargento trains.

The type of train won’t affect the ticket prices - it is demand per departure that will dictate whether the cheaper discounted tickets are still available.

For most travellers it won’t particularly matter what type of train you choose, though the Frecciargento trains can feel more cramped than these Frecciarossa 1000 trains.

If you will be travelling Business or Executive and want to experience the ultimate in high speed train travel, then choose these Frecciarossa 1000 trains.

And if will be travelling with heavy luggage than it can be worth choosing one of these Frecciarossa 1000 trains over a Frecciarossa train
There are luggage racks available on these trains in Executive, Business and Premium Class.

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Frecce trains have no restaurant cars, so the only food and drink sold on board is available from the bar coach.

The selection of food (mainly sandwiches and salads) isn’t the best and queues can build up at the counter, so taking your own food/drink on board with you is recommended.

If you are travelling in anything but Standard class, there will be a trolley service of complimentary snacks and drinks – prosecco is one of the options.
If you ask for a coffee with milk, you will be served a shot of expresso with a drop of milk in it.

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Folding bikes can be taken on board as hand luggage.

NON- folding bikes must be disassembled and placed in travel cases, that need to be shown to the conductor, or platform staff prior to boarding.

They need to be stowed in a specific part of the train and the conductor/platform staff will show you where.

Trenitalia's guide to travelling on its trains with bikes is HERE (It is in Italian so use Google Translate to make sense of it).


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