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About the station

Our guide to using Frankfurt's central station explains what to look out for when arriving by train and connecting to the city centre, and how to head to Frankfurt Airport/Flughafen by train.

Frankfurt (Main) hbf is enormous, but that's because it's the central hub of Germany's entire rail network - so it's an easy city to reach by train.

There are hourly trains to every other major city in Germany.

Despite its size Frankfurt (Main) hbf is also a comparatively easy station to use.

That’s because it is a terminus station- so all long-distance trains arrive at the one level and have step-free access to the main concourse and exits.

As a result making connections between long distance trains involves simply walking from one gleis (platform/track) to another.

However, if you will be changing trains and don’t have heavy luggage etc. - then it can be quicker to use the subway that connects the platforms.

This subway is likely to be behind you when you step off a train – the main concourse will be ahead of you.

Use the paper departure (Abfahrt) sheets on each platform, to find out which platform/gleis that the train you will be connecting into, will be departing from.

All the station's main facilities - the ticket offices, reservation desks, food/drink outlets are on the main concourse - so are on the same level as the main line platforms/gleis.

This central concourse also has step free access to/from the street.

The S-Bahn trains to the city centre.

The gleis (platforms/tracks) used by the local S-Bahn trains to the city centre and to the flughafen/airport are at a lower level.

Follow the green ‘S’ signs on the main concourse.

There is also step-free access to these platforms by escalators and lifts.

Something to watch out for is that the S-Bahn departures are NOT listed on the main departure boards - they are shown on screens above the entrance down to the S-Bahn platforms.

The U-bahn station can be accessed from an entrance at the end of the main hall, which leads off from the centre of the concourse and connects into the main street exits at the front of the station.

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