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About the station

Our guide to Kraków Główny rail station explains what to look out for when arriving and departing by train.

It also shows you how to access the city's core attractions from Krakov's main station and how to travel from the city's airport by train.

Look for images of Kraków Główny train station online and most of the pictures will show a large and grand white building that dates from the 19th century.

That building was Kraków Główny station, it isn’t now and doesn’t have any access to the trains.

The new Kraków Główny railway station has been built to the north of the old station and is hidden behind the city’s recently constructed main shopping mall - the 'Galeria Krakowska'.

When viewed from the city you can’t see the new Kraków Główny at all, as it is in effect an extension of the mall - the station facilities are mainly housed in a space that links the mall to the city's main bus station

The fact that Kraków Główny is such an unconventional station means that using it for the first time can be a particularly disconcerting experience.

But not only will this info help make sense of navigating this location, one of our favourite train travel bloggers has also published an excellent guide to using the main station in Krakow/Cracow. 

It's packed with tips and insights that ShowMeTheJourney hasn't covered, such as where to eat and drink in and near the station and how to use the left luggage facilities.

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Bus Station
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Information Desk
Left Luggage
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Terminus Station

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To And From Krakow Airport By Train

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City Guides

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