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This guide to Perth station in Scotland explains what to look out for when departing and arriving by train and connects you to all the relevant info.

Perth is a station of contrasts, not only do the trains arrive and depart from two distinct parts of the station, it also has a mix of beautiful, but dilapidated, architecture and somewhat ugly more modern additions.

The beautiful part of the station is what’s left of its main building, which spans platforms (tracks) 3 – 7.
Until the 1960s the express trains on Scotland’s premiere route between Glasgow and Aberdeen used to leave from this part of Perth station and now it is reminiscent of a bygone era of rail travel, as it still looks pretty much as it did when the last of those steam trains departed.
It is now mainly used by the trains which take the Highland line to Inverness -  the trains heading north on this route now leave from platform 7, which is located farthest from the station’s rather basic entrance hall.

Platforms 1 and 2, which are to one side of the main station roof, is where the trains to and from Aberdeen have arrived and departed for more than 50 years.
Most of the trains between Perth and Glasgow also now use this part of the station.


Accessing the trains:

Platform 2, which is where the trains to Aberdeen and Dundee depart from, and platform 3, which is rarely used by trains, are linked by short level  passage ways from the ticket hall.

Multiple bridges then give access to platforms 1 and 4 – 7.
So the quickest route to platform 1 is to use the ramp on platform 2 to then access the older bridge, which spans the station.
This older bridge offers access by ramps to each of the platforms in the station.

The quickest route to platforms 4 and 5 is to use the ramps which lead up to this bridge on platform 3 – you can then walk towards the far end of platform 4, in order to access platforms 6 and 7.

However the quickest route to platforms 6 and 7 is to use the alternative footbridge in tbis part of station - though it only has access by stairs -  turn right when you’re on platform 3 and you’ll see this bridge ahead of you.

So when arriving by train at platforms 5 - 7, use this closest foobridge if you'll be happy to use the stairs, or head along to the next bridge along platform 4, if you want to use the ramps to reach the exit - OR head to the far end of platform 4 if you'll need to use lifts/elevators to access the exit.

Yet another bridge has recently been provided across the southern end of the station and this bridge has elevators/lifts.
However, if you want or need to use this bridge, it’s a convoluted route from the station entrance when departing by train.
Once you’re on platform 3, you need to turn left and head for its far end - and if you’ll be using the bridge to access platforms 6 and 7, you’ll then have to head back to the other end of the station, along platform 4, in order to reach them.

So if you know you’ll want to use this bridge aim to be at Perth station a minimum of 10 minutes before your train will be departing.


Perth station doesn’t have a left luggage office, but the splendid station hotel, which is right by the station, will allow travellers to deposit bags for a reasonable fee.
And if you have time to spare, its bar is a very pleasant location in which to wait for a train.

Perth station is located in the south-eastern corner of the city centre, so the heart of the city is a 10 -20 min walk away, just follow the road, Leonard Street, which leads away from the station to the left.

However, many of Perth’s most popular attractions, including the concert hall are in the north-west corner of the city centre, so are on the opposite side of the city to the station.
Most of the local buses from the station (the closest stop is opposite the Queens Hotel, which is the cream coloured building, which can be seen in the middle distance when exiting the station), don’t head across to this part of the town, so a taxi can be the best option.


Perth bus station, which has connections to locations no longer served by trains, including Blairgowrie (route 34), Comrie (route 15) and Crieff (routes 15 and 15A), is a 3-5 min walk from the station, turn left on to Leonard Street.
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