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About the station

This guide to taking trains from and to London Euston focuses on the less obvious aspects of arriving and departing from this station by train.

The station buildings at Euston are either an iconic example of Brutalist transport architecture, or hideously ugly depending on your point of view - but what the 1960s re-build did achieve was merging several component parts of the older station, into one terminal.

As a result Euston station is generally a simple station to make sense of, once you’re on the main concourse of the station and waiting for your train.


However, that is subject to change, as the station is being re-built in order to accommodate the future service of high speed trains.

What’s already been affected by the building works are:
- the access to Euston underground station
- the relocation of the taxi rank, to outside the front of the station on the right hand side.
- the walking route between Euston main station and Euston Square underground station

Many of the buildings and somewhat ugly retail spaces surrounding the station are due to be demolished, so expect to take path ways through a building site, but for the time being the disruption is being cleverly minimised.

Though what won’t be impacted by the building works for some time is the transfer between the main concourse and the trains.


What can make Euston a bewildering space for first time users are the crowds, it’s permanently busy because the terminal building wasn’t designed for the volume of travellers which currently use it.

Also using Euston station is a fairly unique experience, because the main terminal was deliberately designed so that it could be used similarly to how travellers moved through 1960s airport terminals.
As a result the trains are largely hidden from view at a lower level to the concourse, though how you access them is fairly obvious.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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