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About the station

When viewed from the street Padova station looks huge, but its appearance is slightly deceiving, as it’s not a terminus station, so the main station building occupies the space along platform/track (binario) 1.
Padova station has also been modernised in recent years, the work was ongoing when Show Me The Journey was last there, hence a lack of images of the station’s impressive exterior.

The main building houses an impressive range of facilities including numerous food and drink outlets, including a small supermarket.
Though the staffed left-luggage office is somewhat tucked away - with the platforms that the trains use behind you, it’s on the far left of the main building.


Departing/Arriving By Train at Padova station

Padova isn’t a terminus because virtually all of the trains which use the station are calling while on route to and from other destinations.
So the part of the station which the trains use isn’t particularly large, also multiple departures tend to leave from each of the binari (platforms/tracks) every hour, so pay close attention to the departure indicators on each of the binari.

On the binari (platforms/tracks) which the Frecce and Italo trains use, there are screens which show where each coach of the train will be located, when it arrives in the station.
As all tickets for these trains have seats assigned, check in which coach your seat(s) is located when you’re on the platform and then use the screens, so that you can use the optimum door to board the train.

As these trains aren’t scheduled to spend more than a couple of minutes in Padova station, it’s best to avoid having to rush towards the part of the train in which you’ll be sitting – though board by the nearest door if need be.

At Padova station the main station buildings are right beside binario (track/platform) 1, which is used by the trains heading to Bologna, Firenze, Roma and Bari

The other binari (platforms/tracks) are linked to the main station building by a passage way located under the railway lines.
The recent rebuilding work at Padova station has transformed this passage way and the access to the trains for the better.

The passage way is now equipped with smart elevators which connect it with each of the pairs of binari (tracks/platforms) that it serves, so when arriving or departing from binari 2-7, there is an alternative to using the stairs.
The trains towards Verona and Milano usually depart from binario (track/platform) 3.

Though if you know that you’ll want to use the elevators to access a train, it’s a good idea to be ready to board a train from Padova at least 10 minutes before it is due to depart, that’s because there is only one elevator which connects the main station building to the passage way, so queues can inevitably build up at busy times.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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